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DELISTRAWS, sample package

DELISTRAWS, sample package!

Edible drinking straws of combined cereals Small selection for orientation and information. The protection fee for the sample package is 19 US-$, or 17 €, including all shipping costs. In case of a later order, this nominal fee will be charged to the customer. The number of sample packages is limited!

Payments via PayPal (incl. Creditcards ) can be made directly via this LINK!


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DELISTRAWS are edible, no plastic, no waste

Europe will ban Plastic straws from 2020, others will follow.
The pictures in our YouTube video explain why!
DELISTRAWS are edible, no plastic, no waste.

We deliver everywhere!

Plastic in our seas kills !!

>>Plastic waste kills Video


Edible vegan drinking straws like our product "delistraws" are a small step, but we finally have to move and do without plastic.

Watch the video, we are all responsible! Help us. Just ask at the nearest burger store why he denies his co-responsibility.


Thank you for your support! facebook@delistraws





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